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Varsity Basketball

By Natalie M.

Girls Basketball:
The Lady Vikings Varsity basketball team is on their way to be first in conference this year! They have an undefeated record in conference, with only three more games to go. Even by facing multiple challenges throughout the season, these ladies have been determined to stay strong and defeat anything thrown at them. There are seven seniors on this year's basketball team; Elizabeth Foster, Olivia Rhodes, Kyleigh Miller, Savannah Johnson, Abigayle Myers, Salem Adams, and Natalie Mathis. Some of these seniors have been playing with each other since elementary school. Please make sure to come out and support these hard working ladies at Senior Night on February 13th as well as their other games to support their title of conference champions!

Boys Basketball:
The Men's Varsity basketball team is fighting for a spot in the state playoffs. They are currently 5-4 in conference and 10-9 for the whole season. They have three games left consisting of two really tough games between Surry Central and North Surry. Surry Central is ranked 2nd in conference while undefeated North Surry is ranked 1st. This year's team consists of six seniors: Eli Shell, Solomon Panneton, Mason Faw, Ayden Taylor, Mathew Pardo, and Mason Elmore. This basketball team is cultured around being a family and supporting each other as brothers. Coach Call has inspired this team to “play for each other".
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