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Teacher Spotlight: September

By Catrina P and Allen M

This month's Vikings Voyage Teacher Spotlight is BRAIN HOLLOWAY! So to introduce him to our Viking family Catrina Porter and Allen Miller asked him 5 question let’s see what he said. 1. What made you want to become a teacher? I did not start my career as a teacher, however my paths in life lead me to always be working with youth. I wanted to continue to make a difference in young adults and help influence them to a better path in life. The obvious reasonable choice for me was teaching.
2. Biggest pet peeve in your classroom? I do not like for students to criticize themselves. It drive me crazy to hear someone say “I can’t do this.” or “I am not good at this.”
3. If you weren't a teacher your career would be? I am not sure what actual job I would have but it would involve working with youth to still make a difference.
4. If animals could talk, which species would be the rudest of them all? Cats. I have a cat but I am not a cat person. I think cats are arrogant and have an I will do what I want attitude.
5. What does North Wilkes mean to you? North Wilkes is my home. This is where I grew up and wanted to be. I think it is a very special place. I did realize what I had here until I went elsewhere and couldn't wait to return.

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