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Short Historical Stories

By Sarah Phillips

If it’s one thing I love to research, it’s events, whether going on currently or past events. * This month’s page will consist of a few shorter, not well known stories.*

This story takes place in British Columbia. It is a highway that spans for 450 miles. The highway is known for what's called the “Highway of Tears”. This Highway is the site of 18 up to as many as 40 murders and disappearances from the years 1969 to 2011.
Considering the murders and disappearances that happened between 50 years span the investigators involved with this case it was believed that it was multiple killers patrolling the highway. Now with them assuming that, the police only ever found enough evidence to prosecute one of the murderers. Leaving 17-40 other cases unsolved. One of the worst parts is that the only person the investigators caught could only be responsible for 2 other cases at most. Which leaves the other killer/killers running free.
This next story is about Napoleon and his greatest defeat.

Setting the scene, Napoleon recently signed the Treaties of Tilsit, which ended the war between the French empire and Imperial Russia. In celebration, he organized a rabbit hunt. Some say it was hundreds of bunnies, others say it was 3000, the point is, it was a ton of bunnies.
So the rabbits were released from their cage and the hunt was on. But something strange happened. The rabbits didn't scurry away in fright. Instead, they bounded towards Napoleon and his men. Hundreds of fuzzy bunnies gunned it for the world's most powerful man.
Napoleon's men had a good laugh at first. The sea of long-ears were storming Napoleon quicker than the revolutionaries had stormed Bastille. Napoleon tried shooting them and his men grabbed sticks and bullwhips to scare them off. They thought it had worked at first so the hunt could begin, but the rabbits were not done. They senselessly attacked the men flooding in between their legs, tripping them up and even as they fled some leapt into the carriage. The attack only calmed as the carriage rolled away.

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